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grupa sun stone


General contracting

As a general contractor, we are responsible for the overall coordination of construction works on the site of the commissioned investment. The scope of our work includes activities from the zero state to the finishing state, as well as the development of the area around the facility. We have all the necessary approvals and certificates, thanks to which the works are carried out reliably and on time at every stage.


As part of our company’s activities, we also carry out individual stages of investment construction as a subcontractor. We offer a wide range of works covering every construction process. Below we present the detailed scope of our services:

  • Zero state of the building: earthworks, foundations, basements, floors on the ground and others.
  • Open raw state: load-bearing walls, ceilings, roof trusses, flat roof, columns, chimneys, heat insulation, sound proofing and others.
  • Closed shell: partition walls, door joinery, window joinery.
  • Internal finishing condition: internal installations, internal plasters, tiles, terracotta, internal window sills and others.
  • External finishing condition: external plasters, flashings and others.
  • Outdoor installations and land development.

Comprehensive finishing of commercial and residential areas

Our offer includes comprehensive interior finishing of commercial and residential properties after the completion of the construction stages. The scope of our work includes activities bringing the facility to a turnkey condition, enabling potential customers to introduce themselves. We can list here, among others floor laying, wall painting, installation of heating installations and systems, room decorations.

Our employees fully use the potential of a given space, ensuring the highest functionality with simultaneous attention to aesthetics and unusual design. Cooperation with the best architects allows us to achieve remarkable effects and unrivaled results.

Revitalization of tenement houses and other facilities

One of the additional areas of our activities that gives us great satisfaction is revitalization. Building a bridge between history and what still lies ahead evokes a sense of true fulfillment. We are bringing back to use objects that seem to be intended only for demolition.

Our goal is to provide the residents with high comfort of use while maintaining the historical appearance of the facility. In this case, the detail is extremely important. By taking care of the smallest details, we restore the buildings to their original splendor.

Ecological construction

The key principle prevailing in our company is to conduct business in a safe and fully aware manner. Bearing in mind the protection of the natural environment, we place great emphasis on minimizing the impact of all works on the environment. For our projects, we carefully select building materials that are as environmentally friendly as possible. We optimize our activities throughout the construction cycle in a way that reduces energy consumption and the production of waste.

As a construction company, we feel responsible for the impact our activities have on the natural environment. For this reason, we take special care to ensure that the works we undertake are in line with the applicable ecological standards. We offer services that meet the requirements of the European Union and the highest quality standards in the context of ecological construction, also known as sustainable construction.

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